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Applicants who meet the administrative requirements

VI . IMPLEMENTATION PHASE SELECTION1 . Applicants who meet the administrative requirements will get the number of examinees and the committee will send the number of examinees referred to individual applicants through the Post Office North Labuhanbatu applicants to address as it appears on the cover letter ;2 . Applicants who have obtained Exam Number Cards can see the place / location of the exam at the latest on December 02 , 2013 ( one day before the exam ) and when faced with obstacles or there are changes in the schedule of activities can contact the committee at the Regional Employment Board of the District of North Labuhanbatu located at Jln . Aek main Kanopan Wonosari III ;3 . Candidate Selection Exam Civil Service was held on 03 November 2013 ( 09.00 GMT) until completion in Aek Kanopan and for late applicants are not allowed to take the exam
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